Nature Day trips

Hamburg is a city break destination with a lot of contrasts. Hardly any other city offers this unique combination of maritime flair, cultural diversity and exciting entertainment. The surrounding region perfectly complements these qualities with its water, forests and fields. The countryside of the surrounding Metropolitan Region along the River Elbe between the Wendland and the North Sea, and Lüneburg Heath and Segeberger Forest offers picturesque landscapes.

Altes Land

(Apples / Mediaserver Ottmar Heinze)

Europe’s largest fruit growing area thrives and prospers in the heart of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, supplying Hamburg and other regions with fresh fruit. Each year during the flowering and harvesting seasons, the orchards attract thousands of tourists.

Holstein Switzerland

(Ostsee-Holstein-Tourismus e.V.)

Fancy a hiking tour through Switzerland? Well, off you go then to the Hamburg Metropolitan Region! With its hilled landscape, Holstein Switzerland offers numerous highlights – including a beautiful lake district.

Lüneburg Heath

(Lüneburg Heath /

Violet heathland and green forests, sandy yellow earth and romantic rivers, medieval towns and cosy heathland villages, imposing megalithic barrows and venerable monasteries, a healthy climate and several leisure parks: situated between the cities of Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen, the Lüneburg Heath is Lower Saxony’s largest tourist region.

Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park

(Lauenburger Rufen /

The nature park is located at the region’s heart and delivers what the name promises: more than 40 diverse and beautiful lakes – silent witnesses from the last ice age. There are many ways to discover the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park: by bicycle, on foot, in a canoe or on horseback.

Holsteiner Auenland

(Nature-sanctuary Haseldorfer Binnenelbe)

Auenland in Holstein, 30 minutes north of Hamburg, offers a full range of activities for day excursions: round routes for cyclists, the Stör canoeing area, guided walks, e.g. in Aukrug Nature Park, 20 round trails for horses with 600 kilometres of marked tracks. Other  attractions include the Wildpark Eekholt.

Biosphaerium Elbtalaue – Elbschloss Bleckede

(Castle Bleckede / ebd.)

The “Biosphaerium Elbtalaue” information centre is situated at Elbschloss Bleckede, a castle that was erected around 1600 by Ernst II, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg. Today, the building is used by the Lower Saxony biosphere reserve to give visitors an insight into the beauty of the Elbe valley and the distinctive features of the local natural landscape.

North German garden show at the Arboretum (Holstein)

(North german horticultural show / ebd.)

The gardens of the Arboretum are impressive in all seasons. In addition to extensive plant collections, the garden show also presents horticultural and environmental topics – an exciting combination of wood science on the one hand and garden culture and recreation on the other.

Picnic in the gardens of Eutin Castle (Ostholstein)

(Castle Eutin / ebd.)

The castle gardens offer beautiful spots for a relaxed picnic: on the lawn or on a bench under the ample shade of old trees. You can fill your picnic basket with tasty goodies at the Klausberger bakery – or simply bring your own.

Wildlife Park Eekholt (Segeberg)

(Wildlife Park Eekholt /

The Wildlife Park Eekholt is one of the finest wildlife parks in the region. On an area of 67 hectares you can experience indigenous wildlife in a near-natural landscape. As an educational centre for sustainability, the park conveys the beauty and diversity of nature.

Schaalsee Biosphere Reserve

(Schaalsee /

This exciting moor path leads you through the calcareous lowmoors near Zarrentin. The route of approximately 700 metres includes nine stations where visitors can discover interesting facts about the history of the moor and its flora and fauna.

Donner Kleve

(Hoper Mill Edda / St. Michaelisdonn)

The Kleve rised after the latest huge ice age. During a hike, you can experience flora and founa. Special view points are the Bismarckstein and the Spiekeberg. Starting at the draisine station St. Michaelisdonn, there are trips through the Geestlandschaft.

Rosarium Uetersen

The season of roses starts in the middle of june. At that time 30.000 roses are blooming in the Rosarium Uetersen, which is the biggest garden of roses in northern Germany.

The Heathland of Cuxhaven's Coast

(Cuxhaven Dike/ ebd.)

This heath at the coast is unique in kind and size. Close to the Wadden Sea it's the biggest related heathland on the mainland of german North Sea coast. Hiking, by bike or horseback people enjoy this amazing nature.

The Recreation Area Lake Reihersee

(Reihersee / ebd.)

Directly in front of Hamburg, there is this this recreation area. The extense and natural meadow offers space for sports and beautiful walks. The lake Reihersee is also certified as a natural bathing lake.

Nature and Adventure Park Bremervörde

(Haven in Bremervörde /

About ten minuits walking from the city center of Bremervörde, visitors explore the jewel of the region: the beautiful garden with the Lake Vörder See.


Shifting Dune Klein Schmölen

(Shifting sand dune /

This is the biggest shifting dune in a mainland. The dunescape offers gorgeous experiences of nature in every season. The Griffin, cranes and storks show their flying skills and visitors hike with the view into the foreland of the Elbe.

Parc and Castle Bothmer

(Castle Bothmer /

The Castle Bothmer is the biggest castle complex of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and covers a whole island of sever hectare, which is surrounded by a water ditch, following the example set by the Netherlands.

Cloister Garden Rehna

(Cloister Garden Rehna / ebd.)

In the center of Rehna, there is the abbey and the well-preserved monastery complex, which was constructed in the thirteenth century. The themed garden was expanded by a Hildegard-von-Bingen-Garden. Guided tours and workshops make the history come alive.