Shopping Gems

Mutterland - made in Germany

(Mutterland / ibid.)

The Mutterland branches in St Georg, Eppendorf and the city centre offer a wide range of culinary specialties, among them hand-stirred jam, homemade chocolates, traditional sweets, organic wine from young German wine growers, as well as dairy products from organic farms in Schleswig-Holstein. Mutterland sees itself as a tribute to loving mothers – and a tribute to Germany.

Montblanc Boutique

(Montblanc / Ferengi)

For more than one hundred years, the name of Montblanc has stood for penmanship and masterful craftsmanship. The imposing shop on Neuer Wall impresses with its clear lines and black-and-white theme. In addition to high-quality fountain pens, the Montblanc display, presented against black-andwhite wainscoting, includes further luxury items. The range of products available from Montblanc has expanded over the years to include leather accessories, jewellery and watches.

The Box - Concept Store

(The Box / Lea Luedemann)

The basilica in the former theatre premises has been home to a concept store since December 2012. The space is divided between two galleries, a furniture shop, a kitchen shop and a bookshop. In future, it is also intended to use the rooms for literary and musical evenings. The in-house café acts as a pit stop for shoppers in need of refreshment.


(O Schätzchen / ibid.)

All those who appreciate carefully selected delicacies will find what they are looking for at Oschätzchen. True to Oschätzchen’s motto “pleasure is our passion”, items range from sweet pralines to chocolate and spices, and to tea and quality cooking utensils. It is a paradise for hobby chefs, bon viveurs and all those who particularly enjoy fine products.

Ernst Brendler

(Ernst Brendler / Yelp)

You can’t imagine Hamburg without the Ernst Brendler shop and its large range of tropical and marine clothing. Whether you are looking for the classical zipped navy sweater, captain’s caps, safari hats or full tropical suits – fashion-conscious globetrotters will find their wardrobe here. In short: it is pure Hamburg!

Wohngeschwisterchen Shops for Big and Small

(Wohngeschwisterchen / ibid.)

If your flat needs decorating, you will find simply everything you need at the “Wohngeschwisterchen” shop in the Schanzenviertel district: modern furniture, textiles, décor and pictures. Lovers of fancy designs, vintage fans and purists will all get their money’s worth here.

Maison Suneve

(Maison Suneve / ibid.)

The Hamburg fashion label Maison Suneve (Sunday Evening Enterprise) was founded by designer Katharina Czemper and artist Matthieu Voirin in 2011. In the Marktstrasse in the Karolinenviertel neighbourhood, designer Katharina Czemper designs and sews predominantly classic-cut dresses in a mostly French, but sometimes also Asian style.


(Hanseplatten / ibid.)

“It’s only Rock’n’Roll but I like it” – but don’t expect to find the Rolling Stones here, as the Hanseplatte record shop stocks Hamburg artists only. True to the motto “local YES, ethnic NEVER”, the shop only stocks recordings from the Hanseatic city, focussing especially on rarities from Hamburg’s music history. If you are looking for Hamburg originals such as Volker Lechtenbrink, Blumentopf, Heidi Kabel or Udo Lindenberg, this is the place for you.

Recession by Marla

(Recession by Marla / ibid.)

The Swinging Twenties are back – at the heart of Hamburg’s Karolinenviertel neighbourhood. From here, Marla von Menna runs her women’s fashion label “Recession”, which revives the wild and unrestrained atmosphere of the 1920s with its Charleston and Swing. All those wishing to go back in time to the era of the British TV series Downton Abbey can shop here to their heart’s content – from austere lady’s suits to playful dance dresses.

Herr von Eden

(Herr von Edeb / ibid.)

When it comes to fashion, the man of the world has long been woman’s equal. At “Herr von Eden” in the Karolinenviertel, extravagant outfits with that special something are already waiting for its fashionable new owners. Here you can buy suits, shirts, jackets, ties and fashionable accessories.

McArthur Glen Designer Outlet

(McArthur Glen Outlet / ibid.)

Designer goods can be bought at affordable prices at the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in Neumünster just 50 kilometres from Hamburg. The 20,000 m2 centre currently has 62 shops, and as many as 125 are planned. Expect reductions of 30 to 70 percent on regular prices. Every designer label fan will strike gold here. There are plenty of free parking places, which will total 3,000 once construction is complete.

Soltau Designer Outlet Centre

(Outlet Soltau / ibid.)

The Soltau designer outlet centre is located around 70 kilometres from Hamburg. There are some 70 shops on a 13,500 m2 surface area. Reductions of 30 to 70 percent are offered on labels such as Daniel Hechter and WMF. The shops are located in a 50-metre high reinforced concrete tower as well as in five small half-timbered, heath-style houses. There are 1,200 free parking places.